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Dr. Joseph Doherty

I am a licensed psychologist who has specialized in working with men for the past 25+ years. During this time I have evaluated and counseled thousands of men from all walks of life. My approach is collaborative and together we attempt to understand and overcome such problems as depression, anger, break-ups, problematic sexual behaviors, anxiety and substance abuse.

I offer both individual and group psychotherapy. I am skilled in both modalities and have a Certificate in Group Psychotherapy (CGP). I am a Board member of the Northeast Society for Group Psychotherapy as well as being the Co-Chair of the Society's Training Program.

Psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral and motivational interviewing are approaches I utilize.




I had the pleasure of serving as Dr. Doherty’s clinical supervisor for several years... He is well informed, dedicated to his patients, and always strove to increase his knowledge and competence by investigating and employing newly developed treatment techniques. A highly qualified clinical psychologist. — Marc A. Whaley, M.D.